This is a campaign that I’ve been wanting to run for quite some time. An old school hexcrawl, open table style. Rather than focusing the campaign on a storyline, a hexcrawl focuses on the world that the players travel in. The players travel where they please, sandbox style. Things happen in the world aroudn them, and they choose where they want to involve themselves. They can involve themselves in the affairs of others, or ignore them completely and focus on hunting down dungeons to clear out. An open table frees the game from being enslaved to the constant attendance of the same group of people each session. Each adventure ends on the same day it started, with the party returning to civilization. Whoever shows up for the next session is the party that handles that day’s adventure. Since the players decide what they want to do, continuity is maintained by the players persuing their own interests.

Due the the fractured nature of the playerbase, a central point of organization for information is needed. So the campaign will be organized here. All players will need an account and be joiend to this game to participate.

Obsidian Hexcrawl